About PACT

Created on: 05 Oct 2020 | Last modified: 20 Apr 2023

The PACT Programme offers research-based professional learning opportunities for all teachers and schools focused on policy, practice and pedagogy. 

PACT is rooted in social justice principles, takes a human rights approach to poverty, and is designed to further support and deepen the development of a whole-school anti-poverty culture.

We stand in solidarity with children, young people, families and communities struggling to survive poverty.

"I’m delighted to see the PACT project moving to this next stage of programme delivery. Through the planning stage, the team could never have envisaged that they would be leading these modules entirely on-line, and I’m really looking forward to hearing feedback from teachers and schools about the impact of these learning opportunities.

"The launch of these modules is particularly timely, as Scotland’s school building re-open following a period of lockdown, with a whole system focus on minimising the damage that poverty does to the education and life chances of Scotland’s children." - Gillian Hamilton, Chair of the PACT Project Advisory Board.

We welcome all in the profession to be part of PACT.

Our interactive four-module programme is currently delivered online, with a choice of days and times. You can join up for either the Wednesday group at 5–7pm, or the Friday group at 1.30–3.30pm – whichever suits your schedule best. 

The programme has been designed to incrementally deepen understanding, learning and action around a whole-school approach to poverty, so we encourage you to sign up for the whole programme if at all possible please.

However, we recognise the many demands you will be dealing with, and so you can also sign up for individual modules if necessary.

We also recognise that this PL opportunity may also of interest/ benefit to others within the education sector, so while the PACT online programme has been designed with a clear focus on teachers and schools, we welcome the involvement of other education professionals such as college lecturers who work with school-aged children and QIOs, who are happy to participate on that basis, and with that definite focus.

It is also not necessary to be an EIS member to sign up – this offer is for all in the profession. 

We want you to get involved.

Module 1 : Wed.19th or Fri.21st August

Module 2: Wed.28th or  Fri.30th October.*

Module 3:  Wed.11th or Fri.13th November

Module 4:  Wed.9th or Fri.11th December**

*Please note that these dates have been rescheduled to take account of school holidays (previously Wed.21st or Fri.23rd October)

** Please note that these dates have been rescheduled (previously Wed 25th or Friday 27th November)

The underlying main programme themes and associated learning outcomes are grouped around:

  • Understanding Poverty Better

  • The Human Rights Approach to Poverty

  • Pedagogical Approaches to Mitigating the Impact of Poverty

  • Creating a Whole School Anti-Poverty Culture

The Programme will also offer further potential learning opportunities throughout.

Or to find out more, contact the Project Co-Leaders:

Kait Laughlin

Sandra Scott

Administrative Staff:

John Harris

And you can check out our topical introductory June webinar here:

Covid-19: Poverty, Education and Community

PACT Webinar

The EIS PACT Project hosted a webinar Covid-19: Poverty, Education and Community on Thursday 18th June 2020.