Side by side for equality: how to be an anti-racist ally

Side by side for equality: how to be an anti-racist ally

This was the second instalment of EIS webinars exploring race and racism in education and what difference we can all make to further anti-racism within our institutions and beyond.

During the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, we saw an unprecedented level of support from across the world. Now, even as the media spot-light moves on, we must make sure that our efforts continue. How can we sustain a movement for change beyond the BLM slogan, and integrate anti-racism into our everyday lives?

In this webinar we explored the concept of allyship, and discussed how we can sensitively work together towards equality for all. Our panel, Larry Flanagan, EIS General Secretary, Gemma Clark, EIS Member, and Tony Adams on behalf of the STUC Black Workers Committee discussed challenges and opportunities of allyship, unpicking common misconceptions about racism and possible pitfalls of our responses.

The event was chaired by Khadija Mohammed, EIS Anti-racist Sub-Committee Chair, and include a Q&A session. 

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