Aggressive Behaviour - Unacceptable

Created on: 24 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 08 Apr 2020


1.1 The following resolution was approved by the 2009 Annual General Meeting: 

"This AGM calls on all Local Authorities and FE colleges to make a clear statement regarding the unacceptability of any aggressive behaviour, be it verbal or physical, shown towards staff in their educational establishments or college and that this statement is clearly placed in appropriate areas throughout their schools/college."

1.2 Letters were sent to all Scottish Councils and Scotland’s Colleges. 

1.3 The list of respondees is set out in Appendix A.


2.1 All respondees intimated that as employers they were committed to eradicating aggressive behaviour.

2.2 Examples of posters, intranet statements and handbooks were provided by a number of respondees. In one council area, staff are issued with cards identifying steps to take in defusing difficult situations.

2.3 Some respondees advised that they were in discussion with EIS LA Secretaries or Branch Secretaries considering suitable posters. 

2.4 A number of respondees indicated that currently posters were not publicly displayed. In this regard two responses are noteworthy.

One College Principal responded:

"For our part, and to the best of my knowledge, we have not experienced such problems in XXX College………………..In
such circumstances, I would be very loath to display any posters that would give the wholly wrong impression that
we do have such a problem."

In school sector one Depute Director stated that posters are circulated to heads of establishments who may display them if it is considered necessary. He added:

"However the posters are not routinely displayed in schools since we are keen to avoid the perception that aggressive
behaviour is in some way common place."


3.1 The EIS acknowledges the level of responses and the provision of posters, statements and handbook inserts which emphasise the seriousness of violence or threats of violence. In many cases these statements stress that action, including police involvement will follow.

3.2 However, not all establishments routinely display posters regarding the unacceptability of violent behaviour. This should be pursued by Local Association Secretaries and Branch Secretaries with a view to posters being routinely displayed in prominent positions in schools and colleges.

3.3 To assist the process posters are appended from the school sector and college sector suitably anonymised. These posters are not provided as best practice but are illustrative. It is the EIS view that the format of posters should be developed through a process of dialogue and agreement.

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