Budget Cuts

Created on: 25 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 30 Jul 2019


1.1 At the beginning of the Session (9 September 2011) the Executive Committee considered the range of isses which were facing the EIS and which would require to be addressed during the course of the year. These included:

(a) Pensions

(b) The McCormac Review of Teacher Employment

(c) Curriculum for Excellence

(d) Teachers' Conditions of Service

(e) Cuts in Public Spending

1.2 The Executive Committee decided that immediate priority should be given to the pensions dispute and to the EIS response to the report of the McCormac Review. It was also decided that other campaigning work would be considered afresh following the first months of the new school session.

However, in a sense, all of the major issues facing us arise as a consequence of the financial crisis of 2008 and the economic recession which followed.

1.3 The first day of coordinated industrial action in the pensions dispute has now taken place on Wednesday 30 November 2011 and we await further developments in the Central TUC/UK Government talks and the Scheme Specific Negotiations.

In relation to the McCormac Review, the Special General Meeting, which took place on Saturday 12 November 2011, formed the policy foundations which will guide the Salaries Commiittee and the SNCT negotiators over the months to come.

As far as Curriculum for Excellence is concerned, the Education Committee has considered the terms of a boycott of CfE which was agreed at the 2011 Annual General Meeting and this will be considered by the Executive Committee in the first instance.

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