Equality Matters in ITE Programmes

Created on: 02 Jul 2019


1. The 2017 AGM passed the following resolution, which was delegated to the Education Committee, with input from the Equality Committee.

"That this AGM call on Council to:

(a) hold a series of exploratory discussions with Initial Teacher Education (ITE) providers and the General Teaching Council for Scotland, to investigate the ways in which equality matters are addressed within ITE programmes, including whether there is coverage of all protected characteristics in all programmes, and whether equality matters are covered by compulsion or on an opt-in basis; and

(b) develop recommendations for partners regarding enhancing current provision of equalities education for teachers, both through ITE and through ongoing Professional Learning.”

2. In September 2017 the EIS wrote to all Heads of School at Universities offering ITE programmes in Scotland, requesting a discussion of these matters.

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