Folio Assessment

Created on: 02 Jul 2019


1. The 2017 AGM remitted the following Motion to Council, it subsequently being assigned by Executive to the Education Committee for consideration:

“This AGM instruct Council to campaign for the assessment of National 5 and Higher English Writing by means of external examination rather than through the current SQA procedure of folio assessment.”

2. The Committee agreed to endorse existing policy on the assessment of Writing in the interests of social justice and assessment validity; that the workload, inequity and authenticity issues raised by the mover continue to be addressed in appropriate fora; that English Subject specialists would be surveyed post-submission of English folios and that the data collected would inform future discussions with the SQA, and that a paper would be disseminated to members through Reps’ and Members’ bulletins, and via the HT & DHT Network.

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