Principal Teacher Posts In The Primary Sector

Created on: 23 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 04 Jul 2018


1.1 The following resolution was approved by the 2005 Annual General Meeting:

"This AGM instruct Council to compile a report by no later than the 2006 AGM on the progress of the introduction of the post of Principal Teacher in the primary sector; this report to include a reference to the number appointed in each authority and to any restrictions enforced by authorities on the maximum permissible PT Scale Point for these posts."

1.2 Existing statistics on the number of PTs in the primary sector was recorded in the 2004 Teachers' Census. Statistics on the number of pupils and primary schools have also been set out for information (Appendix A).

1.3 Letters were written to all local authorities. Summarised information is appended (Appendix B). Even with reminders some councils did not respond.

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