Stage 2 Amendment to the Education Bill: EIS Response

Created on: 23 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 05 Jun 2018

Introduction EIS Response to Education and Culture Committee Consultation on Proposed

1.1 The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), Scotland's largest teacher trade union, shares the ambition of the Scottish Government to reduce the achievement and attainment gap that exists between Scotland's most and least deprived children and youn people.

1.2 In addition, the EIS supports the development of policy based on evidence derived from the proportionate collection and analysis of reliable data.

The Scottish education system, in our view, is rich with such data, particularly at classroom and school level where it is most usefully deployed in supporting learning and teaching; the EIS would support the use of such data for the purposes of improving equity within the system through the sharing of good practice in 'whatworks' and through evidence-based targeting of additional resources.

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