Violent and Disruptive Pupils

Created on: 24 Jan 2018 | Last modified: 22 Jun 2023


The following resolution was approved by the 2014 Annual General Meeting:

“This AGM instructs Council to review and publish revised advice on working with violent and disruptive pupils and college students, and to produce a series of posters with key messages for distribution to educational establishments.”

The Employment Relations Committee has produced a number of policies over the years relating to challenging behaviour, violence and physical restraint. The Committee has agreed to bring these documents into a single policy document.

This revised advice subsumes the following policy papers : Violence Towards Staff (AGM 2002), Violence Against Teaching Staff : Strategy (AGM 2005), Violent Incidents Towards Staff – Recording and Reporting and Monitoring Guidelines (AGM 2005), Violent Incidents in School (AGM 2007), Work Related Violent Incidents (AGM 2007), Physical Restraint (AGM 2004 and 2005), Disruptive Pupils (AGM 2007), Violent Incidents Against Teaching Staff in Special Schools (AGM 2010), Statement Regarding the Unacceptability of Any Aggressive Behaviour (AGM 2010). 

The EIS policy, Guidance Risk Assessment of Violent and Abusive Behaviours (AGM 2009) (Appendix C) is also referred to in this policy and provides important advice on the legal requirements for risk assessment and the risk assessment process. 

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