The EIS has launched a national Billboard advertising campaign in support of its Value Education, Value Teachers pay campaign.

Adverts carrying campaign branding and messages have gone up in towns and cities across Scotland, as the EIS continues to push for a 10% pay increase for all of Scotland's teachers.

Teachers' pay has been cut, in real terms, by more than 20% over the past decade. This pay cut has contributed to growing teacher recruitment and retention difficulties across Scotland.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, "We have launched this billboard campaign to highlight the need for teachers’ pay to be substantially improved. The significant real-terms cuts in pay that teachers have faced over the past decade have clearly made teaching a less attractive career option for many graduates."

"Schools in many areas are now struggling to attract sufficient numbers of highly qualified teaching professionals into the classroom. In addition to a shortage of new entrants, a growing number of experienced teachers are choosing to leave the profession early – worn down by a combination of factors such as crippling workload demands and declining levels of pay."

Mr Flanagan added, "The Scottish Government has repeatedly said that education is its number one priority – a position that has frequently been supported by all political parties across Scotland."

"Our campaign, and these billboard adverts launched today, are a reminder to Scotland's politicians that they must invest in education to support education. To prove that education is the top priority, it is time for the Scottish Government and Scotland's local authorities to truly value education and value teachers by committing to improve the pay of Scotland’s teachers in 2018."

Sample images of early billboard sites are below. A full list of sites is available, on request.