The EIS has launched an online lobbying tool to support the union’s Value Education, Value Teachers 2018 pay campaign.

We are encouraging our members to make use of our e-lobbying tool to contact their local Councillors urging their support for the pay campaign. We are calling for a 10% pay increase for teachers at all grades in 2018, in order to address ongoing teacher recruitment challenges that exist across Scotland.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Larry Flanagan said, “We are urging our members to contact their local Councillors ahead of the planned COSLA (Convention of Scottish Local Authorities) Special Leaders’ meeting on March 23rd which will consider the local authorities’ response to the teachers’ pay claim.”

“The EIS is very clear that Scotland’s teachers need and deserve a significant pay rise, and we have submitted a claim for a 10% pay increase via the SNCT.

Teachers have suffered a 20% real-terms pay cut since 2008 - this has been the price of an austerity driven pay policy which has made public sector workers pay for the mistakes of the bankers.”

There is substantial evidence that Scottish education is on the brink of a recruitment crisis, with Initial Teacher Education courses being unfilled, newly qualified teachers failing to move into the profession, and significant numbers of teachers over 45 choosing to leave Scotland’s schools early.

Pay must be improved if we are to attract new teachers – and retain experienced teachers – for our education system.

Despite unprecedented levels of change and political interference, excessive workloads, and reduced external support, Scotland’s teachers have stayed focussed on what is important; their pupils.

But goodwill is not endless, and delivery has come at significant cost to the wellbeing of many in the profession. This lobbying campaign will urge Councillors to support the teachers’ pay claim and ensure that we can continue to attract and retain highly qualified, highly dedicated professional teachers within all schools across Scotland.