What Comes Next? Get Prepared for Teaching After Probation

Created on: 29 Apr 2024 | Last modified: 30 Apr 2024

There are many opportunities and challenges facing our probationer members as you progress in the teaching profession and this includes getting the right post after you complete your probation!

As your union, the EIS is here to support you at every stage of your professional journey, including that big step into your first teaching post.

This webinar provides you with helpful advice on getting that first job, and the options available if you cannot find a post straight away. e.g. Where to find jobs?  How do I write the best application?  What is the best way to approach an interview? How do I hit the ground running in a new school? How do I know that my contract is fair?  What do I do if I cannot find a full-time or permanent teaching post. What role does EIS play, and what support will my union offer me in the workplace?


  • Allan Crosbie – EIS Vice-President
  • David Belsey – EIS Assistant Secretary (Organisation)
  • Rob Henthorn – EIS Organiser