24 August 2020

Created on: 24 Aug 2020 | Last modified: 24 Aug 2020

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Dear Rep

Three quick items.


Firstly – thanks to those who have already completed the rep survey, in what I am sure will have been a hectic week. We will keep it open for the remainder of this week in the hope of more returns. To remind you the findings will be collated on a Local Authority basis, to allow for issues to be raised at LNCTs or directly with Local Authorities.

You can complete the survey here.

NB: Reps in Glasgow, Argyle and Bute, and Perth and Kinross have their own local surveys.

Face coverings

Secondly, a brief update on face coverings, an issue discussed at last week's CERG meeting.

The EIS position remains that smaller class sizes and physical distancing are more effective mitigations than the use of face coverings, and we will keep pressing Scottish Government on this front.

The member survey showed a mixed response on the use of face covering with only a minority of members favouring them being mandatory, although this was almost 50 / 50 in relation to the senior phase.

On the back of the experience of the first full week, however, some schools, and some local authorities, have moved to initiate the wearing of face coverings in corridors and communal areas (the Scottish Government guidance on reopening schools allows for this).

You may wish to convene a branch meeting, virtually, to establish whether members in your school wish to push for a similar mitigation to be in place. If they do, advice and support is available from LA secretaries and EIS Officers and Organisers. Just get in touch, if required.

You should be aware that the World Health Organisation (WHO)  issued advice over the weekend on face coverings being required by children aged 12 and over, where physical distancing of 1 metre was not possible, although it didn't specifically talk about schools.

The Scottish Government is considering the implications of this and there may an announcement this week.

Please share the content of this update with members.

Asymptomatic Testing

Advice on teachers accessing asymptomatic testing has been sent to Directors of Education. It can be found here.

Please share with members.