18 August 2020

Created on: 18 Aug 2020 | Last modified: 01 Mar 2021

Local Association Survey

The national body is coordinating a short reps' survey on the reopening of schools, on behalf of each Local Association, so that matters of concern can be raised at LNCT level, where required. Your cooperation in this matter would be appreciated.

Nationally, the results will be summarised for use at the Covid Education Recovery Group.

The link can be found here. Glasgow and Perth and Kinross LAs have already issued local surveys so if you are a rep in these areas, there is no need to complete this additional survey.

Local Health and Safety Training and National Webinar

Area Officers and Organisers will be delivering Stage 2 Covid-19 Health and Safety training courses within each Local Association.  This training builds on the previous training which covered risk assessment fundamentals. The course will focus on issues related to the return to schools for all staff and pupils.

The intention of the training is to provide branches with practical steps and advice that can be used to resolve school based Health and Safety issues.  This expands upon the recent Covid-19 Health and Safety checklist issued by the EIS. The training will focus on the most effective way to ‘build the branch’ in terms of confidence and relationships with managers, using appropriate EIS support.

More information on how to register for the course will be provided by Local Associations/the EIS website in the near future and course delivery will start from the week beginning 24 August.

A Stage 2 Covid-19 Health and Safety training National Webinar is also being held (via Webex) on Tuesday the 25 August at 6pm.

Further details will be available from the EIS website in the near future and the Webinar will be advertised on social media.

All Reps are encouraged to sign-up for the National Webinar and for local Health and Safety training.

Advice on contacting HSE

If Health and Safety issues (including Covid-19 safety precautions) cannot be resolved at school level or with the support of the EIS Local Association, Reps can raise concerns direct with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  HSE have set out the process for this:

"In terms of raising concerns about individual schools with HSE, we have a central Concerns and Advice team. Concerns can be raised with them for issues which cannot be resolved locally.

There is an online reporting form which can be accessed on the HSE website here.

A concern can also be raised by calling us on 0300 003 1647. Concerns can be raised anonymously using both methods, but we normally ask permission to disclose that a concern has been raised, while maintaining the anonymity of the person raising the complaint."

Reps should consult with the EIS Local Association Secretary before raising a concern in this way, as HSE expect an attempt at local resolution of short-fallings or problems before they may become involved.

Probationers’ Webinar

Please draw to the attention of probationers in your school, details of the planned national webinar for probationers on 2 September: https://www.eis.org.uk/Probationers/Webinar

There will be a live Q&A Session at the webinar.

Online EIS Representatives Course

Applications are sought from EIS representatives and activists for an online EIS Representatives course to be run by the City of Glasgow College with EIS support. This is a bespoke online course designed by the EIS and the college to give entry level training to EIS representatives. The course is accredited and is split into two semesters and it will run from late September 2020 to around Easter 2021.

Please email  Jennifer Cook to register or if you have any queries: JCook@eis.org.uk


Please ensure that members are aware of the short term SQA consultation on this year’s qualifications available here.

Updated Guidance on Managing the Risks of Covid-19 for Instrumental Music Teachers

Updated EIS advice on managing the risks of Covid-19 for Instrumental Music Teachers (‘IMTs’) has been issued.  There are important changes contained in this document from the advice issued prior to the summer break. The changes predominantly affect those IMTs who teach voice and wind/brass musical instruments. Further advice will follow in relation to these areas when the Scottish Government has prepared its specific guidance.

Please make members aware of the latest EIS health and safety guidance for IMTs which can be accessed here.

Early Years Guidance on Managing the Risks of Covid-19

Additional EIS guidance on managing the risks of Covid-19 has been produced to reflect the distinct nature of Early Learning and Childcare settings.  The advice is designed to ensure that School Reps and Early Years teachers are aware of their entitlements under Health and Safety legislation and of the specific considerations which should be in place to make the setting Covid-secure.

The advice should be read in conjunction with the general advice on Health and Safety and Risk Assessments and can be accessed here.