May 2021

Created on: 20 May 2021 | Last modified: 26 May 2021

Latest School Guidance issued

The latest version of the Scottish Government schools guidance can be found here – changed or new text is highlighted for ease of reference.

Action for Reps: Please make members aware of the updated guidance.

AGM 2021

This year marks the 175th EIS Annual General Meeting (AGM). Due to current restrictions in place as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire meeting, including debating of Motions, will be held online. Members will also be able to keep up to date with the event via our social media channels where live streaming will be available, and on the EIS website.

Action for Reps: For information, AGM 2021 Motions are available to view here.

Working Time Agreement Training

At this time of year, you will be negotiating your Working Time Agreement as a branch. If you would like branch training on working time agreements the local union structures can support in providing this.

Action for Reps: Contact you Area Organiser to set up Working Time Agreement Training.   

Probationer Teacher Recruitment

There may be current probationer teacher colleagues who have not joined the union. EIS membership is free for all current probationers until December 2021. After that, probationers can get a further 50% discount on full membership for the following nine months, if they update their direct debit details with us by the end of December 2021. If they joined the EIS as a student, they will automatically become a full member at the start of their probationary year.

Action for Reps: Encourage probationer teacher colleagues to join for free online today.

National Probationer Event – “Prepare for Your New Teaching Job”

A new event for Probationer Teachers in Scotland will take place online via Webex and will run from 6:30-8pm on Wednesday 2nd June. The event will include an update from EIS Assistant Secretary, Andrea Bradley around GTCS guidance for probationer teachers and Covid-19, and an interactive workshop session with EIS Organisers Dan Thompson and Ruth Winters considering employment rights, mental wellbeing, and union participation.

Action for Reps: Encourage probationer teacher colleagues to register to attend.

EIS-hosted launch of new Jimmy Reid Foundation (JRF) education paper

The EIS is hosting the launch of a paper examining Scottish education, some of the forces that might influence its direction and priorities for future development, on Monday 7th June from 7.00pm until 8.30pm.

The event will be chaired by Lynn Henderson, JRF Chair, and will feature presentations from two of the three co-writers of 'Liberal education in a neo-liberal world: the need to re-culture and recalibrate'- FE Lecturer and EIS-FELA member, John Kelly; Emeritus Professor Henry Maitles, University of the West of Scotland; Emeritus Professor Brian Boyd, University of Strathclyde; with Andrea Bradley, EIS Assistant Secretary and JRF Board member as discussant. Main presentations will be followed by a Q & A session.

Registration is via Eventbrite.

Action for Reps: Please advise members of the event.

Updating Member Details

If you have new colleagues in your school who are EIS members, they should update their school base or personal contact details on the myEIS section of the website. Remind them to log on using their EIS number. It is quick and simple to set up a password. Alternatively, as a Rep you should have access to member lists for your school and you can update details on their behalf.

Action for Reps: Visit to update member details.

Upcoming courses, workshops, and webinars in May and June

Please click on the title to find out more and book your place:

The final interactive webinar of the programme will promote easily accessible self-care practices, offer time and tools to reflect and plan, and opportunities to network and build some positive connections to sustain positive well-being.

Action for Reps and Branch Secretaries: Please make members aware of upcoming webinars and workshops.

TUC Training Courses for Reps

Training is available for all school reps run in conjunction with the TUC. The 4-day courses are offered in 2 x 2 day blocks and are aimed at reps who are relatively new in the role or those who have had no formal union training. A full list of training dates is available here.

Action for Reps and Branch Secretaries: If you are a Rep, Health and Safety Rep or a member interested in becoming one then please contact your Local Association Secretary to be nominated, who will then register with Jennifer Cook on

Contact your EIS Organiser

If you would like support to hold a branch meeting, advice on rep training or building your branch, please contact your EIS Organiser. You can find their contact details on the EIS website.