Joint Trade Union Negotiating Team

27th June 2019

SRUC PAY OFFER 2019 - 20

Dear Anne,

I am writing to confirm the detail discussed in our meeting earlier today, which clarified the key points to be addressed in concluding the pay negotiation process for 2019-2020. My letter dated 17th June 2019 also refers.

The following paragraphs set out SRUC’s position on the points raised at today’s meeting and confirm details of SRUC’s pay offer for 2019 - 20. The offer takes account of the commitments made in the pay settlement agreed for 2018-19 and reflects the challenging situation SRUC faces in the current financial year.

As previously intimated SRUC is able to offer the following option as our pay offer:

  • A pay increase of 3% on earnings up to and including a threshold of £38,000*, together with a pay increase of 1% on earnings above the £38,000 threshold.

*Increased threshold of £38,000 reflects salary changes as a result of the 2018-2019 pay award.

Table 1 below sets out key milestones and target dates associated with a joint commitment with the trade unions to a comprehensive review of terms and conditions of employment and detailed analysis of pay and grading structures, running in tandem but on a parallel track. This is positioned as a joint responsibility on both parties to work together to actively progress towards a common set of terms and conditions of employment for all SRUC employees. Our joint aim is to reach agreement and implementation by April 2020.

Table 1 Joint Roadmap for the Review of Terms and Conditions of Employment


Target Date

Baseline pay scale data available for analysis and discussion

Mid-July 2019

Baseline information on wider terms and conditions of employment available for analysis

Mid-July 2019

Negotiation process

August - December 2019

Employee ballot

January - February 2020

Implementation of agreed terms and conditions of employment

1st April 2020

Implementation of agreed migration process to new pay scale

Commencing 1st April 2020

Please note SRUC does not consider workload challenges, annualised hours or other line management issues to be in scope for discussion in the pay negotiation process as we have separate agreed mechanisms in place to address and progress such concerns. Workload considerations will be addressed in the Workforce Transformation Plan through the Service  Review process. The Trade Unions will be fully involved in these discussions which will include opportunities to review existing workload arrangements, consider appropriate risk assessments and control measures to avoid unreasonable working hours and workload intensification and negotiate change where appropriate with the recognised trade unions.

In response to your enquiry around pay progression models for teaching staff I can confirm that TQFE continues to be an important development route for teaching staff staff but pay progression arrangements are no longer subject to TQFE qualification bar.

I can also confirm that the standard progression process, agreed last year, involves a two-step journey from starting salary on appointment to the market rate for the role, set out as follows:

On Appointment

Pay scale minimum rate


On successful completion of probationary period

Move to mid-point of scale

STEP 1 (probationary objectives achieved)

12 months after successful completion of probationary period

Move to market rate for the job

STEP 2 (fully competent in role)


SRUC Payroll Team has indicated that an across the board minimum rate of £10 per hour would result in a minimum additional cost of £153,000, not including overtime or other  pay-related factors. SRUC is unable to offer this enhanced rate.

SRUC has been successful in achieving formal accreditation to Scotland’s Living Wage and is already committed to payment of the £9.00 rate for all SRUC employees. The Living Wage Employer Mark provides an ethical badge for responsible pay, SRUC is proud to make this continuing commitment.

SRUC is unable to accommodate the trade union request for a phased retirement process, as outlined in your pay claim. We will continue to consider all requests for flexible working arrangements on their individual merits, including requests from employees approaching their preferred retirement date. Reduction in working hours would attract the relevant reduction in full time equivalent earnings.

Please consider this letter to be SRUC’s best and final offer in respect of the pay negotiation process for 2019-2020. I hope we are able to reach agreement and would ask that the offer is presented to trade union members to allow suitable ballot arrangements to proceed. Our intent is to find a solution that enables an implementation date of 1st August 2019, facilitating payment in accordance with our jointly agreed timescale.

As agreed in the meeting SRUC will prepare salary increases for upload in August payroll run.  This action does not prejudge the outcome of the ballot process but reflects the administrative preparation necessary in advance of payroll cut-off which occurs on or around the 10th of each month.

Yours sincerely,

pp Gavin Macgregor

Director of Professional Services