Your Rights and Your Pay

Created on: 01 Mar 2022

SNCT Codes of Practice for Supply Teachers 

Local authorities as employers are required to draw attention to the two main SNCT Codes of Practice of relevance to those engaged in supply work.  

Short-term Supply- Main Duties 

Some of the main duties of teachers on short-term supply differ from those engaged on fixed/long-term contracts.  

The main duties of teachers engaged in short-term supply are to:  

  • Teach assigned classes

  • Correct work, as part of ongoing classwork

  • Maintain a record of work

  • Contribute towards good order in the school

Short-term Supply-Pay 

  • Pay for short-term supply is calculated on the hourly rate –235 Days x 7 Hours of the annual rate of salary for teachers

  • Rate will depend on the incremental point on the Main Grade Scale that the teacher qualifies for

  • All those engaged in short-term supply receive a 10% uplift in their pay for preparation and correction time.  

  • Supply teachers may only be engaged in a ‘full’ or ‘half’ day block

  • No cap on the maximum class contact time for short-term supply teachers.