Wall Displays

Created on: 24 Sep 2019 | Last modified: 24 Sep 2019

  • It's not interior decorating - it's display of children's work.
  • Pupils will rarely look at anything above eye-level so keep your displays within notice boards. This will also mean you're meeting fire regulations.
  • Integrate into children's learning and involve them in the process - child height clear envelopes or a coloured sheet that's theirs, then they choose something weekly to display their work- good first activity every Golden Time.
  • Keep laminating for any item you will absolutely use more than once (very few things). This will save time, help save the environment and cut spending.
  • Do you really need multi-coloured frieze paper? Perhaps the school could paint the pinboards bright colours if people really want colourful walls. Again, save time, the environment and long-term budgets.
  • Make a permanent fun border (with P7s) installed everywhere.
  • If you still double/triple mount display work – stop. Save time, the environment and budgets (seeing the pattern yet?)
  • If you really must mount work why not laminate coloured paper and use this as reusable mounts. You can even get the pupils to change these as 'wet play' activities.
  • Public Areas should be divided up among all teachers (including EAL and other support teachers and promoted staff) Big displays should only be changed termly or even twice a year.
  • Avoid seasonal themes that date. Don't do Christmas displays, decorations maybe but not displays.

If it isn't adding to the learning experience you don't need to do it, John Swinney says so.