In the workplace: COVID-19 focused resources

Created on: 16 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 15 Jul 2022

The EIS Education and Equality Department has published initial guidance on curriculum and pedagogy in schools, taking account of current health and safety imperatives and the principles of Recovery as agreed by the COVID-19 Education Recovery Group. An accompanying webinar, delivered in October 2020 is available here.

The World Happiness Report 2021 focuses on the effects of COVID-19 and how people all over the world have fared.  Chapter 7 focuses on work and well-being.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) hves a practical guide to working safely during the pandemic which can accessed at Working Safely Guide.

Health Protection have developed a poster that can be used in workplaces to show staff the key infection prevention and control measures they should use to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. This can be downloaded at Key messages in the workplace.

The Mental Health Foundation offers tips for employees while at work or working at home as well as some guidance for employers and leaders. 

Healthy Working Lives has a wealth of practical resources from health and safety workplace action planning, to stress and work guidance, including the Work Positive Tool.