Guidance on Devolved School Management Guidelines

Created on: 23 Sep 2019 | Last modified: 05 Nov 2019

The Scottish Government has issued new guidelines for local authorities and schools on Devolved School Management (DSM).

EIS guidance for Local Associations and School Branches on the new DSM Guidelines are available below. 

The following engagement advice has been given to EIS Local Association officers and school representatives:

The new Devolved School Management Guidelines should lead to each Local Authority reviewing their current Devolved School Management Scheme, and, if necessary, amending it to align with the newly issued Guidelines. EIS Local Association representatives are encouraged to ensure that they are a part of any such review process, and that school reps are kept informed of outcomes.

EIS school representatives are encouraged to assist in facilitating the delivery of the new Guidelines in their schools and to engage with their senior management team to determine what additional responsibilities (i.e. decisions) will be coming to their school as a result of the revised Devolved School Management Guidelines.

EIS school representatives are encouraged to engage with members and identify where the finance, resource and pedagogical decisions are currently made in their schools – to understand the decision-making systems and mechanism in their schools – and develop a plan of how they should be made in accordance with the Guidelines.

 EIS school representatives and members should engage with senior managements to form school committees, to work collegiately and collaboratively in a distributive leadership structure in order to make the best possible decisions on finance, resources and pedagogy as set out in the Guidelines.

Organisers and Area Officers are available to support Local Associations and Branches.

Devolved School Management Guildelines

EIS Guidance on new Devolved School Management Guidelines