The Joint higher education trade unions, EIS, GMB, UCU, Unite, UNISON, were extremely disappointed to receive the statement from UCEA in relation to pay for the forthcoming year from 1 August 2020. We know that the proposal to not provide any annual pay uplift for higher education staff will anger many and that this will be particularly difficult to accept given the hard work of staff  over recent weeks during coronavirus lockdown.

The joint trade unions, in response to the UCEA position, are calling for the following:

  1. consideration to be given to increasing pay by, at least, inflation in order to ensure that staff don’t suffer a pay cut from 1 August 2020;
  2. consideration as to the impact on higher spinal column points of any increase in pay on the lowest spinal column points in order to meet the national living wage (and the Living Wage Foundation rates where that is followed);
  3. a national higher education job security commitment;
  4. a commitment to New JNCHES national pay bargaining structures for 2021/22 and in future years with HEIs signalling clear commitment to this process;
  5. a New JNCHES pay negotiation meeting to be held before mid-July 2020;
  6. for the New JNCHES autumn meeting to be convened as a higher education pay and finances review meeting;
  7. for discussion to continue on the pay-related elements of the joint unions’ pay claim including, but not limited to, tackling the gender and ethnic pay gap, casualisation of the workforce, workloads, Scottish JNCHES sub-committee.

To view pay offer please click here: PAY OFFER