Model Letter - HE Governance Bill

Created on: 14 Oct 2015 | Last modified: 22 Apr 2020

The EIS, in common with other HE Trade Unions and the NUS, supports the Government's HE Governance Bill currently going through the Scottish Parliament.

The EIS believes that the Bill will empower HE Governing Bodies being giving them an elected chair person, and greater numbers of staff and student members - the former being nominated through the recognised trade unions at the HEI.

The Bill also sets out to improve the importance of Academic Boards at HEIs. The Bill should make HE Governing Bodies more transparent with a more diverse range of members. Chairs will be elected rather than appointed from within.

These changes should lead to HE Governing Bodies that can provide greater scrutiny and better oversight of senior management. By increasing the number of staff members on the HE Governing Body and by strengthening the role of Academic Boards the EIS believes that the HE Governance Bill will make Universities more collegiate.

The Word document on the right is a model letter for EIS members to consider sending their MSPs - both local and regional. It may be edited to each member's preference. You may find your local and regional MSPs' email addresses by clicking here.

It is important for your MSPs to realise that there is support for this Bill from HE staff and other educational staff since the HEIs are campaigning vigorously to maintain the status quo.

  • Instructions on how to contact your MSP: