Further Advice and Resources

Created on: 31 Jul 2023 | Last modified: 11 Apr 2024

Further advice is available from the following website sources:

www.eis.org.uk - for EIS policy and advice

www.stuc.org - for general trade union policy and advice

www.tuc.org.uk - for general trade union policy and advice

www.scotland.gov.uk - for access to Education and Lifelong Learning Departments as well as the Equality Unit

www.acas.org.uk - for advice to employers and employees on policy, legislation, codes of practice on employment and discrimination

www.equalityhumanrights.com - for all information on equality and human rights legislation, enforcement, codes of practice, guidance on all aspects of equality and discrimination

www.lgbtyouthscotland.org.uk - for advice, support and information for young people relating to rights in employment and education

www.stonewallscotland.org.uk - for advice, policy, support for LGBT people

www.equality-network.org - for news, updates, policy, support, advice, links for LGBTI issues

www.scottishtrans.org - for advice, policy, support, news and information on transgender and intersex equality

www.gtcs.org.uk - for information about standards and registration in the teaching profession in Scotland