Avoiding and Tackling Ecoanxiety amongst school pupils

Created on: 10 Sep 2021 | Last modified: 22 Nov 2021

As awareness of climate change has enhanced, so too have the anxieties around the impacts of rising global temperatures.

This webinar was hosted by climate psychologists who explained what ecoanxiety is, and how to manage it within the classroom. There was a question and answer session for EIS members at the end of the event. 



Megan and Patrick

Dr Patrick Kennedy-Williams and Megan Kennedy-Woodward, founders of Climate Psychologists. 

Climate Psychologists recognised the need for climate mental wellbeing support. They understand that the cure to climate anxiety is also the cure to climate change. We are climate change psychologists helping individuals, families and organisations move from anxiety to action.

A climate psychologist supports mental well-being, overcoming trauma, anxiety, grief, dissonance and promoting resilience in sustainability. 

Megan and Patrick are the co-directors of Climate Psychologists, an independent organisation providing individual therapeutic support and wider consultation regarding the mental health implications of climate change. Central to their work is climate change communication. They work with individuals, parents, educators, national government and media organisations to promote psychologically-informed, constructive communication.

Their aim is to inspire hope and positive, sustainable action to combat climate change. They are the authors of 'Turn the Tide on Climate Anxiety', due out in January 2022 with Jessica Kingsley Publishing.