24th June Update

Created on: 24 Jun 2022

Since the LNCT meeting on 16th June 2022, the EIS LNCT reps have been working with the Comhairle to try and agree a joint statement which can be issued prior to the summer break.

If the joint statement is agreed this would constitute a basis for pausing the dispute at the moment pending further negotiations and agreement by the end of August.

The joint statement has not yet been agreed, but LNCT reps are hopeful it will be.

The issues covered in the joint statement are:

  1. Viability of class size.

  2. Registered GTCS teacher supervising in receiving classes.

  3. Nobody is compelled, under any circumstances,  to teach online.

  4. The staffing formula must be reviewed by LNCT before determining staff vacancies.

  5. Wider subject choice of pupils, with remote learning considered as “additionality”, will be looked at on a case-by-case basis, with school staffing flexibility considered.

  6. An LNCT Agreement on remote/online learning to be negotiated.

  7. The harmonised timetables proposal must be consulted on fully (including an evaluation of experience of online learning options so far) through LNCT and with school communities in order to be in line with the empowered school agenda. This includes staff via unions, parent councils, and pupils etc.

LNCT reps have asked that a working group be established in August to evaluate the potential benefits, challenges and viability of future harmonisation and use of digital learning.

LNCT reps have asked for a response to the proposed wording of joint statement by the end of the day on Monday 27th June. EIS reps have also offered to continue negotiations and discussion during the summer period in order to progress matters.

At the moment, the dispute on harmonised timetables and digitalised learning remains live.