Created on: 10 May 2021 | Last modified: 11 May 2021

1. If a pupil has repeatedly been off self-isolating, and has therefore (for example) missed a significant amount of one aspect of the course, is it permitted to give greater weight to the parts of the course they were in attendance for? For example, if a pupil missed a significant amount of teaching time for the N5 English Set Text, but has performed solidly in Folio, CE and RUAE, could more weight be given to those aspects of the course in consideration of the awarding of a grade?

2. Why are we being told that pupils need to complete assessments within the same time constraints as if they were completing them in exam conditions in a normal year when most pupils will have never had the chance to practise this previously?

3. Given that different centres, inevitably, will have a range of assessment evidence with potentially different levels of demand - some assessment items in any QP are always more demanding than others - from which to establish provisional grades, for consistency across the country, what advice does the SQA give on cut-off scores?

4. Are the mitigating factors that many pupils have faced to be taken into consideration when marking coursework i.e. is there the possibility of 'best case scenario', bearing in mind that pupils have been absent from school for a longer period of time in the present school year than in the 2019/20 school year, when best case scenario was implemented?