Guidance for the academic year 2021 to 2022

Created on: 11 Aug 2021

The Scottish Government has published (updated) Beyond Level 0 Guidance for colleges and universities.

This operational Guidance (“the Guidance”) provides advice on COVID-19 transmission risk-reduction mitigations to support universities, colleges and Community Learning and Development (CLD) providers to plan for and operate in the academic year 2021-22. The beyond level 0 Guidance reflects:

  • the lifting of restrictions on society in general;
  • the resumption of in-person learning and research together with wider student activities;
  • an emphasis based less on national ‘rules’ and more on the reduction and management of risk, and good practice for achieving this;
  • an understanding that the virus is unpredictable and significant risks remain; and
  • the advice prepared to support Higher and Further Education bodies to plan for the approach to COVID risk-reduction in the next academic year by the COVID-19 Advisory Sub-group for Universities and Colleges.

The Guidance is subject to review and amendment to account for developments relating to alleviating the harms of the virus, the latest expert advice as that evolves, and consideration of feedback on effective implementation of the Guidance itself.

Visit the Scottish Government website for more information.