Equality Motions 50 - 55

Created on: 16 May 2018 | Last modified: 31 Oct 2018




"That this AGM note recent evidence documenting the issues and prejudice facing transgender and non-binary learners in every sector of education, and further recognises the significant rise in numbers of young people identifying as trans or non- binary in recent years.

AGM resolves to work with relevant partner organisations to organise a training session for members across all sectors in the coming year and to disseminate advice on these issues to L.A. secretaries and SGA branch secretaries."


51. Dumfries & Galloway Local Association

"That this AGM call on the EIS to campaign to have the Scottish Guardianship Service empowered by legislation to support the integration of children who arrive in Scotland with refugee status already in place."



52. Orkney Local Association

"That this AGM instruct Council to encourage the EIS to support and attract employees with protected characteristics by:

(a) asking EIS to investigate positive action schemes relating to recruiting and employing people with protected characteristics, such as Disability Confident, Carer Positive and Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, and consider which of these would be worthwhile to sign up to; and

(b) updating the EIS Website with an employee section that details membership of positive action schemes and includes EIS’ own Equality policy for current and prospective employees."



53. Council

"That this AGM resolves to instruct Council to:

(a) reaffirm its commitment to promoting equality for disabled people in educational establishments;

(b) raise the profile of issues affecting teachers with disabilities, through various means;

(c) develop a plan to encourage greater activism amongst disabled members; and

(d) encourage local authorities, colleges and universities to take robust approaches to equality monitoring, to better enable them to meet the needs of disabled staff, and support such staff to access their rights, including to reasonable adjustments."

Amendment EIS-FELA

Add in (b) "and lecturers" after "teachers"

Amendment Aberdeen Local Association

Insert in (b) after teachers; "and associated professionals"



54. Council

"That this AGM calls on Council to:

(a) reaffirm the rights of unaccompanied refugee children and young people to education;

(b) gather information on the gaps in educational provision for this group; and,

(c) lobby the Scottish Government, Scottish Funding Council and local authorities for improved provision."


55. Council

"That this AGM instruct Council to

(a) review EIS advice on sexual harassment in schools, and Further and Higher education; and

(b) campaign to raise awareness of sexual harassment in schools, and Further and Higher education."