30th October 2023

Created on: 30 Oct 2023 | Last modified: 09 Nov 2023

Dear Member

MEMBER ACTION: Post your vote. EIS-ULA are recommending you vote YES to Strike action and YES to Action Short of Strike Action.

The statutory ballot is open until 3rd November, and we need you to vote to make it possible to take action in the 2023-24 pay dispute.

While you struggle with your 3% pay award in 2022 and 5% pay rise in 2023 amidst 8.9% inflation, 11 Scottish Principals received double-figure pay rises in 2022 worth a combined £300,000.

Indeed, this year, 2 Scottish Principals have been awarded more than £40,000 each in consolidated pay rises. It is poor practice that staff pay is cut in real terms while the principals of some institutions are seeing huge pay increases. To put it in perspective, that’s more than some of our members earn in a year, and nearly twice the bottom point of the New JNCHES pay scale.

Real-term cuts in your pay have led to cumulative losses that are eye-watering. An experienced unpromoted lecturer on point 44 lost £7041 in the value of their pay in 2022-23 compared to what their pay (on point 44) was in 2019,  i.e. if they had been awarded inflationary (RPI) pay rises.

That’s a huge de-valuation of your pay. If you are on a different pay point you can check out the effect on your pay here: https://www.eis.org.uk/fair-pay-today!/paymodelling

Ask yourself, how much further are you prepared to let the employer devalue your pay before taking action? If the answer is no further, then you need to vote YES to strike action and YES to action short of a strike. A firm stand must be taken against this relentless attack on your pay by your employer.

It is essential for members to vote for us to be able to take action together on the result of this ballot, so whatever your view, or however you plan to vote, please use your vote.