City Glasgow College Cuts

Created on: 04 Nov 2022 | Last modified: 02 Nov 2023

Earlier this week, as part of the ongoing local dispute at the City of Glasgow College over redundancies, I gave notice to the College of the following industrial action to take place from Tuesday 14th November:

A.        Action Short of Strike Action

In accordance with the ballot, the industrial action short of a strike will take the following forms:

1. ‘working to rule’, where members perform their duties strictly to the letter of their contract i.e. refusing to take on any additional duties or attending voluntary or extra-curricular meetings or events;

2. refusal to take any additional classes which were not on lecturers’ timetables prior to 28th November 2022;

3. refusal to take any additional classes which have been added to timetables, increasing workload, as a result of another lecturer taking voluntary severance;

4. continuing to work 3-hour blocks of classes on a 3-block basis, until the dispute is resolved;

5. not covering classes or modules for absent colleagues which were previously taken by colleagues who had their fixed-term contracts ended in November 2022 or thereafter;

6. no online teaching of classes, including asynchronous classes;

7. not utilising Canvas software or other, similar VLE, except for assessment provisions;

8. a resulting boycott, involving members withholding students’ results.

It is anticipated that the industrial action short of strike action will continue until 23rd April 2024, though it will end earlier if a resolution is found.

B.          Strike Action

EIS members employed by City of Glasgow College will be asked to undertake a programme of discontinuous industrial action consisting of strike action in pursuit of the dispute on the following dates:

Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th November (inclusive)

Monday 20th, Wednesday 22nd to Friday 24th November (inclusive),

Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th, Thursday 30th November, Friday 1st December,

Monday 4th December to Wednesday 6th December (inclusive), Friday 8th December, and

Monday 11th – Thursday 14th December(inclusive)

Further dates will be notified in due course.

These strike dates will be paid at the Institute’s 100% strike pay rate.

The purpose of strike action is to leverage an agreed settlement to this dispute. The more solid our action then the harder it hits and the sooner a negotiated agreement may be realised.

The number of redundancies threatened has fallen due to members’ resolve and action. We need to continue our struggle to protect jobs at the College.

Please do not hesitate to contact your Branch representatives or Sarah Collins if you have any queries.


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