South Lanarkshire College

Created on: 22 Nov 2022 | Last modified: 23 Feb 2023

Below is a motion that was passed unanimously at the meeting of the EIS-FELA Executive on Friday 2nd December 2022.


That this FELA Executive notes the cross-party concerns of local MSPs Monica Lennon, Gillian McKay, and Graham Simpson, and also MP, Dr Lisa Cameron, and their call for an urgent meeting with the Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville, regarding ongoing governance issues at South Lanarkshire College.

This FELA Executive recognises the concerns of members of that branch regarding multiple staff suspensions, bullying allegations, reports of financial irregularities, staff dismissals, a recent Section 22 order issued by the Auditor General, and the generally regressive state of the working culture within this college.

These concerns relate not only to the huge expenses incurred at a time of cost-cutting within the sector, but also the persistent and distressing reports in the media regarding this college, and the negative impact on staff morale at SLC as a consequence.

This meeting therefore calls upon our Executive Officers to write to the aforementioned Education Secretary requesting an immediate meeting to discuss continuing difficulties with the current governance at South Lanarkshire College.


Below is a statement sent on behalf of the EIS-FELA Executive Committee, with unanimous support, to the local EIS-FELA branch at South Lanarkshire College.

The EIS/FELA executive, in support of the EIS/FELA Branch at South Lanarkshire College and following a No Confidence Vote in both the College Chair, and the College Board wish to make the following statement:

If, following due processes, any member of the board is found to have acted in manner inappropriate to the nine principles in the Code of Conduct set out in the Good Governance Guidance, they should be removed from office immediately.