UHI Mergers

Created on: 20 Jan 2022 | Last modified: 22 Aug 2022

Why is the proposed merger important to us?

The proposed merger of West Highland College, North Highland College and Outer Hebrides UHI College is important because it will set the trajectory for further and higher education across the West and North of Scotland for the future. It is a fundamental principle that education in Scotland remains within the public sector. It is a key tenet of good quality education that education providers are empowered to have a voice in the creation and delivery of education. How education is delivered, who runs it and the decision-making process is precious. EIS-FELA members need to ensure our issues, concerns and input is heard in the merger process.

Why is the proposed merger important to me as a Lecturer?

The proposed merger is of major importance to employees because it will directly influence your terms and conditions of employment now (particularly if staff transfer to the new college) and in the future.

The decision-making process, consultation and negotiation will determine which contracts of employment, pay, pensions, terms, and conditions will dominate in the new college. It is not an understatement to say that if the ground-work is not addressed now i.e. if you as staff and union members are not involved now then there is a risk to your current working practices and conditions.

For union support and to get involved in your EIS-FELA Branch contact

West Highland College EIS Rep, Miriam Iorwerth Miriam.Iorwerth.whc@uhi.ac.uk

North Highland College EIS Organiser, Dan Thompson dthompson@eis.org.uk

Outer Hebrides UHI College EIS Organiser, Ruth Winters rwinters@eis.org.uk