Scotland’s Teachers: Working Conditions and Wellbeing

Created on: 27 Mar 2018 | Last modified: 03 May 2023

This report was put together by Dr Jermaine Ravalier and Dr Joe Walsh of Bath Spa University.

Dr Ravalier is senior lecturer of psychology and co-leads the Psychological Research Group at Bath Spa University. He has expertise in working conditions, and how these conditions may influence health and wellbeing of employees. Furthermore Dr Ravalier investigates ways in which these working conditions, and subsequently employee health and wellbeing, can be improved.

Dr Walsh is a lecturer of psychology at Bath Spa University. His primary field of expertise concerns how we communicate pain to other people around us, and factors which can affect this communication. Alongside this, he has expertise in stress and wellbeing, and the impact of sex and gender on cognition.

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