City of Glasgow College Lecturers take Strike Action

Created on: 30 May 2023

There has been strong turnout on picket lines as lecturers at City of Glasgow College (CoGC) began a programme of strike action over planned cuts and redundancies.

Lecturers at the college will be on strike for the rest of the week, with 4-days of strike action then set to continue each week for the following three weeks. The commencement of strike action is an escalation in the dispute, building on a programme of Action Short of Strike (ASOS) already in place at the college.

Commenting, an EIS-FELA Spokesperson at City of Glasgow College said, "The loss of potentially hundreds of lecturers through redundancy and cuts means that valuable skills and expertise in subject areas will be gone and some courses will be cut.

"This could have a devastating impact on the ability of the College to provide further education for the people of Glasgow and surrounding areas. Lecturers are taking a stand to protect jobs, and to preserve the quality of educational experience for learners of all ages at City of Glasgow College."

"Lecturing and support staff are above all else committed to students, but College management have been making it more difficult to provide the quality of learning, teaching and support that is necessary for students to complete their learning journey and prepare for whatever learning and/or career goals they have.

"Over the last academic year EIS-FELA has tried to encourage College management to engage in meaningful negotiations about the cuts and changes they have implemented in the College.

"These cuts and changes affect students and lecturers and if College management continue with more cuts this will be harmful to the quality and provision of education in the College."