Proposed Glasgow cuts Would Decimate Education, says EIS

Created on: 20 Jan 2023 | Last modified: 23 Feb 2023

The EIS has warned that proposed deep cuts to education in Glasgow would decimate the educational experience of some of the most vulnerable young people in the country.

Leaked proposals from Glasgow Council suggest that education services could face £51M in cuts in the next financial year, including the loss of as many as 800 teachers from Glasgow schools and a cut to the amount of time that primary pupils spend in school.

Commenting, EIS Glasgow Local Association Secretary Susan Quinn said, "The proposed cuts outlined in this leaked document would be devastating for education in Glasgow and for the young people in our schools. The proposed loss of 800 teachers would decimate education provision, with a particularly damaging impact on the large number of young people in Glasgow already facing severe challenges associated with poverty."

Ms Quinn added, "We are hearing of proposed cuts to vital ASN services, which would be devastating for the young people who require these services to support their learning in our schools.

"The proposed cuts to the primary school pupil week would put Glasgow’s young people – many of whom already face severe challenges linked to poverty – at an even greater disadvantage compared to their peers in other parts of Scotland."

Glasgow EIS has written to all Glasgow councillors, raising its serious concerns and outright opposition to the proposed cuts. In the letter, Ms Quinn says, "The loss of nurture teachers would have a terrible effect on children who enter primary school already struggling to cope for a variety of reasons who are supported in small groups by highly trained nurture teachers and support staff."

The letter continues, "Glasgow prides itself on being a city which welcomes people from across the world and those who are fleeing wars and troubles as refugees. If our EAL service is cut, the support we can provide to this vulnerable group will be greatly hindered.

"This service is one which has an international reputation for being of the highest standard and cuts to provision would have a hugely negative impact for years to come."

The letter adds, "Glasgow's establishments have always sought to offset the challenges pupils face due to poverty. Any cuts to the core staffing standard would undoubtedly have not only an immediate but also long-term effect on the life opportunities of our families."