Teachers at Hutchesons' Grammar School vote for Union Recognition in Historic Ballot

Created on: 13 Jul 2023 | Last modified: 09 Nov 2023

Members of the EIS at Hutchesons’ Grammar School have voted for union recognition in a historic ballot at the school.

The ACAS-conducted ballot results were revealed as 59% voting in favour of union recognition at Hutchesons’ Grammar School, with a turnout of 72%.

Commenting on the ballot result, EIS Area Officer Sarah Collins said, “This is the first successful ballot for union recognition conducted at a private school in Scotland. It comes during a long-running dispute around pensions at the school, but members had been clear for some time before that dispute began, that things had to change. We note the Rector’s decision to leave the school this month and we hope that a change in senior management, coupled with this overwhelming result, will improve industrial relations in the school.”

Ms Collins continued, “For too long our members have felt under-valued, disrespected and ignored by management. This result means the school is now required to sit down with union reps and negotiate on terms and conditions. They can no longer dictate how much members are paid or what their hours are. Terms and conditions will need to be discussed and agreed. The leadership in the school might find this culture change difficult, but it is absolutely clear what members are asking for – a bit of dignity and respect and for their voices to be heard at work. That is not too much to ask.”

Ms Collins added, “Union recognition and collective bargaining are the signs of a healthy democracy and a fair work nation. Simply being in the private, or charity, sector does not preclude an employer from ensuring the best industrial relations possible. Well done to all members who have stood together throughout this significant process. We look forward to supporting you in your collective bargaining efforts going forward.”