Continuing Strong Support as Teachers Strike in Scotland's Primary Schools

Created on: 10 Jan 2023 | Last modified: 20 Apr 2023

Thousands of teachers in Scotland’s primary schools have taken strike action as the campaign for a fair pay settlement for teaching professionals continues.

Picket lines were in place at primary schools the length and breadth of Scotland this morning, sending a clear message to the Scottish Government and COSLA that they must improve their pay offer to teachers. Teachers in Secondary schools will strike on Wednesday.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Andrea Bradley said, "Scotland's primary teachers have, once again, responded magnificently in their support of today's strike action.

"While they would much rather be in class working with children, teachers have turned out on picket lines – in some terrible weather – to send a very strong and very clear message to the Scottish Government and COSLA that they must do better on pay."

Ms Bradley continued, "Teachers have grown increasingly angry at the inaction, obfuscation and spin from the Scottish Government and COSLA on pay. The repeated delays during the negotiation process, coupled with the repeated attempts by the Scottish Government and COSLA to pit teachers against other groups of workers, have only served to strengthen teachers’ resolve to achieve a fair pay settlement."

Ms Bradley added, "While there has been some slight progress in discussions over the past week, we are still awaiting an improved offer from the Scottish Government and COSLA – more than 9 months after teachers should have received a pay rise.

"The reality is that only a substantially improved offer can end this dispute – and it is down to the Scottish Government and COSLA to deliver that improved pay offer to teachers."

Ms Bradley also welcomed the continuing strong support from parents across Scotland for the ongoing pay dispute: "Teachers on picket lines have received very strong support from parents, and this was reinforced today by the results of a survey by the National Parent Forum for Scotland which indicates that more than 80% of parents support the ongoing industrial action by teachers.

"Parents understand the value of teachers, and teachers are grateful for the continuing support of parents in our campaign for a fair pay settlement."