No New Pay Offer Presented to Teachers - Strike Action to Continue Next Week

Created on: 12 Jan 2023 | Last modified: 20 Apr 2023

The SNCT Extended Joint Chairs met this afternoon at 1630hrs. Disappointingly, no new offer was brought to the table by Scottish Government and COSLA.

The next cycle of scheduled strike action by EIS members will go ahead as planned, from Monday of next week.

Schools in Glasgow and East Lothian are now expected to be closed on Monday, with strike action then continuing on a rolling basis within two authorities each day. Further information is available on our campaign page.

The EIS national Executive Committee will meet tomorrow and will be considering next steps in the #PayAttention campaign toward the realisation of a fair pay settlement for Scotland's teachers.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Andrea Bradley said, "Despite their warm words over the past week, the Scottish Government and COSLA have again failed to come to the table with a new pay offer to Scotland’s teachers.

"Our members are not prepared to accept the repeatedly reheated sub-inflationary offer that has now been sitting around for six months, and that is neither fair nor affordable for teachers. In the absence of an improved offer, our members will continue with strike action from Monday of next week, in their struggle for fair pay."

Further updates will be issued in due course.