Targeted Teacher Strike Action Commences in Constituencies of Key Politicians

Created on: 21 Feb 2023 | Last modified: 20 Apr 2023

The EIS has commenced targeted strike action within the constituencies of key politicians with the ability to resolve the ongoing pay dispute.

Teachers in Glasgow Southside (Nicola Sturgeon), Perthshire North (John Swinney), Dunfermline (Shirley-Anne Somerville), and the East Dunbartonshire part of Clydebank & Milngavie (Ross Greer) have started 3-days of consecutive strike action, as the dispute over teacher pay intensifies.

Commenting, EIS General Secretary Andrea Bradley said, "Today's intensification of strike action is a direct result of the failure of the Scottish Government and COSLA to deliver an acceptable pay offer to Scotland's teachers.

"As a result, this intensified strike action is targeted directly at the politicians with the ability to deliver a better pay offer that can end this pay dispute - just as is happening in Health. Teachers do not want to be on strike, but the fact that they are is an indictment on politicians within the Scottish Government and COSLA who have the authority to deliver a better pay deal, but have failed to do so.

"Parents and students have every right to be angry at the fact that local and national politicians continue to collude in withholding a fair settlement from Scotland’s teachers. This is another part of the chronic underfunding of Education both by national and local government in spite of the claims that Education is a number one priority in this country."

Ms Bradley added, "In response to requests from our members, I have now also now written to members in the Secondary sector with guidance in relation to entering into voluntary arrangements for the marking of SQA exam papers.

"While the marking of SQA exams papers is a voluntary activity and is therefore not part of our dispute with employers, many members have expressed an unwillingness to sign up as SQA markers while this pay dispute is ongoing.

"Having taken legal advice on this matter, the EIS can confirm that our members are absolutely within their rights to decline or delay signing up as SQA markers while the pay dispute remains unresolved. It is entirely a matter for each member to decide if they wish, or do not wish, to enter into a voluntary agreement with the SQA to mark exam scripts."

Ms Bradley concluded, "The EIS remains, as ever, available for discussions with the Scottish Government and COSLA for further talks towards a negotiated settlement on teachers' pay.

"Our members want to be in the classroom, and strike action can be halted immediately by the delivery of a suitably improved offer that could credibly be recommended to our members."

Further information on the targeted strike action, and the schools impacted by the action, can be found here: