SRUC Bulletin

Created on: 27 Oct 2021

Bulletin No. 8


Dear Member

We are now some weeks into the industrial action at SRUC and I wanted to let you know where we are with the dispute.

Pickets on Monday were strong, and the action is being noticed in your communities, by the politicians and the sector as well as by SRUC.

In the last week we have met online with SRUC representatives to start proper negotiations on the issues members have around pay.  These negotiations included discussions about all the principles we know you want addressed e.g. a “pin date” and the application of HE sector norms.  

Whilst we have no resolution at this time, meetings to negotiate are at least in progress and we know that has only happened because of the strength of your participation in this industrial action. 

As such, we ask you to not take your foot off the pedal. Talks alone will not resolve the dispute. Your action has brought SRUC to the table. It is essential that you keep building that action so your employer understands that should they wish to resolve this dispute, they must produce an acceptable agreement and a tangible, solid outcome on pay and grading.

Our next strike day is on Thursday 4th November, so please make sure you talk to you colleagues and let them know that in going to a picket members are influencing the discussions and that a good turn out on Thursday will  demonstrate our resolve. The stronger our action, the more the pressure we will exert on SRUC to make progress.

For details on how to join a picket, please contact your local rep or Branch Secretary Duncan MacKay by emailing

In the meantime, members should be participating in the Action Short of Strike which includes:

  1. Not undertaking any goodwill activities beyond existing duties, such as overtime or lunchtime activities.

  2. A resulting boycott – not to share any assessment or exam results with the SRUC.

You can find materials about the dispute here, including forms for claiming your strike pay. Please use these materials when talking to people about the dispute.  Also remember to use the hashtag #FairPayForSRUC and to like and share content on social media.  You can find the EIS SRUC Facebook page here.

Finally, we are aware of consistent attempts by management to find out in advance who is taking strike action.  You are not required to tell your employer in advance of taking action, whether you will be doing so or not.  If asked after the action whether you were on strike, you should answer honestly.  To be clear, you should not fill out forms, doodle polls/surveys or answer emails regarding whether you are going to take strike action, nor should you undertake any act that lets management know in advance that you are taking strike action before the action is completed.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact a branch representative or you can email me on

We’re working hard to make sure your interests are represented and will continue to press for an agreement which meets the aspirations of our members. 

Keep up the pressure and stick to your action!

Deborah Shepherd

National Officer HE