Created on: 10 Mar 2022

The critically important role of schools at the heart of our communities and in the nurturing of our children has been evidenced by the pandemic.

 The EIS demands:

  • Decisive action to tackle excessive teacher workload, including the hiring of sufficient admin and technical staff to allow teachers to focus on learning and teaching

  • Recognition of the centrality of teacher agency within an empowered school system

  • De-cluttering of the BGE curriculum in Primary to enable a proper focus on recovery, especially well-being

  • Senior phase curricula that will allow breadth, depth, and enjoyment of learning, and greater parity of esteem between vocational and non- vocational learning

  • Assessment policy and practice that truly supports sound learning and equity- an end to SNSAs and equivalent standardised assessment regimens, and the reform of senior phase assessment

  • Greater provision for vocational courses and pathways within schools.