Pay Update: 4 March 2022

Created on: 04 Mar 2022

Pay Update

The EIS Salaries Committee held a special meeting on Thursday 3rd March, yesterday, to consider a revised “best and final” pay offer from COSLA, summarised below:

  • A 1.22% increase at all SNCT pay points effective from 1st April 2021

  • A further 1% increase at all SNCT pay points effective from 1st January 2022

  • A one-off non-recurring payment of £100 to each SNCT member of staff (pro-rated for part-time) for all SNCT members in post on 31/3/22 and based on working hours at that time.

NB An £800 cap applies to the percentage increase for those earning £80K and above.

This is the fourth offer from COSLA and represents a very modest improvement on the previous one, equating to a 2.23% uplift on the current pay scales along with a one-off payment of £100. The offer is described as a “best and final offer” meaning that any further improvement would now only be achievable following significant and sustained industrial action by members (following a successful statutory ballot) between now and the summer, rather than through further negotiation.

As such, given COSLA’s stance on it being a final offer, Salaries Committee is of the view that this represents the best offer achievable through negotiation.

Salaries Committee is mindful that the Local Government elections in May mean that failure to agree a pay deal this month will see any further negotiations on the current pay claim pushed back to beyond the summer as negotiations with COSLA are effectively suspended pre and post the election period. By that point, there would have been no increase in members’ pay for almost twenty months. 

The EIS has submitted a pay claim of 10% for 2022/23 and committed to a major campaign to achieve this, drawing on our experience in the Value Education Value Teachers campaign. The current pay offer was due to be paid in April last year and Salaries Committee believes there is a strong imperative to secure a settlement and money into members’ banks accounts as soon as possible. The Committee would rather build upon any increase achieved this year, rather than risk having the current claim subsumed into our 10% pay claim for the coming year, which would be a strong possibility.

The Salaries Committee unanimously agreed that members should be consulted on the revised offer and, by a majority of 15 to 1 and in light of the considerations set out above, agreed to recommend that members accept the current offer for the April 2021 pay round and switch the campaign focus to our 2022/23 pay claim for 10%, designed to address the current cost of living crisis and the need to continue the restoration of members’ pay.  

The alternative to acceptance of the offer will be a ballot for industrial action. Accordingly, the decisions of Salaries Committee will need to go to the meeting of EIS Council on Friday 11th March for approval. Members will be consulted thereafter.