Actions to Support the National Day of Action

Created on: 16 Jun 2020 | Last modified: 24 Jun 2020

We're inspired that you want to take part in this EIS-FELA national day of action to defend lecturers and vocational education in Scotland's Colleges. Please take the following actions to assist the campaign:

  1. Sign this petition to protest against potential redundancies and/or restructuring at Forth Valley College

  2. Sign this petition to support the EIS FELA national campaign

  3. Use social media to Tweet or post your support using this graphic

  4. Write to Richard Lochhead Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, and John Swinney MSP, Minister for Education.

    Please use the email addresses and template email below. Copy and paste them into your own email account and send from there.

Sample Text

Dear [Insert name]

We are deeply troubled to hear that Further Education Colleges across Scotland are involved in devaluing lecturing posts and undermining vocational education. The Covid-19 crisis is a time when national government, colleges, employers and workers should work collegiately. There is a duty of care from the College to staff to support them at this time. There is a duty to treat students studying vocational subjects equally to their colleagues.

Forth Valley College shamefully persists with a redundancy/restructuring process in a time of national emergency. Similar plans are now underway in Fife, West Lothian and North Highland Colleges.

Hundreds joined an EIS-FELA Online Demonstration on Wednesday 1st April, to protest against the redundancy process at Forth Valley College. Thousands participated in our digital actions during the demonstration.

On Wednesday 17th June, hundreds launched an EIS-FELA national campaign and Online Demonstration to protest against the sector wide implications of this attack on the lecturing profession and vocational education.

We call upon Richard Lochhead, the Minister for Further Education, Higher Education and Science, and failing that on John Swinney, the Minister for Education, to intervene to protect Lecturers jobs and the quality of education in Scotland’s Colleges.

Your sincerely

[Insert your own name]

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