NJNC March 2016 Pay Agreement

Created on: 21 Feb 2017 | Last modified: 16 Apr 2020

The offer is with effect from April 2015.

1. To extend this settlement period to cover 2 years inclusive of 2015/2016

2. To recognise that 1% / £300 whichever is the greater is an interim payment

3. That in addition to the above, there will be a further flat-rated element of £100 paid in April 2016

4. That this offer provides for a flat-rated pay uplift for 2016/2017 of £450

5. To jointly develop a roadmap towards a harmonised workforce for the future, to include the following elements:

  • Agreed settlement dates over a 3 year period, commencing April 2017, with agreed annual milestones in each subsequent year, built on an agreed principle of no detriment on pay;
  • A review of future workforce requirements within a joint process with shared data;
  • To agree the roadmap by end of May 2016;
  • The top of the un-promoted salary scale is currently £39,086. It is agreed that from 1st April 2016 this figure will be £40,026. This figure will become the top point of the new national pay scale for un-promoted lecturers. This will be the starting point for the development of this pay scale and associated migration plan;
  • The EIS and Management Side will also immediately develop a common set of terms and conditions for all teaching staff by October 2016 or the earliest possible date;
  • The whole agreement will be subject to an equality impact assessment
  • There shall be no deduction made for strike action that took place on Thursday 17 March 2016.


Implementation dates on National Pay Scales:

Develop National Pay Scales May 2016
Migration August 2016
1 April 2017 25%
1 April 2018 50%
1 April 2019 100%