Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry

Created on: 05 Oct 2023

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry have launched the “Let’s Be Heard” initiative in order to encourage people across Scotland to engage with the Inquiry by sharing their experiences of the pandemic.

As members of the teaching profession, your experiences and your recommendations for the future will be of great value to the process and the Institute would strongly encourage you to participate.

A web portal has been set up which leads to an online form on which responses are requested to three questions:

  • What were your experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What were the impacts of these experiences on you or the people you know?
  • What lessons do you think should be learned from your experiences?

Responses can be submitted by individuals or on behalf of a group, family or organisation. For those wishing to facilitate a group discussion in order to submit a group response (for example, from a school, college or university branch), the Inquiry have produced an Engagement Guide.

The EIS is formally represented in the Inquiry process via the Scottish Trade Union Congress (STUC) and will be making formal submissions on behalf of our membership as a whole. However, the voice of Scotland’s teachers and lecturers will undoubtedly be strengthened if this is supplemented by a large number of submissions through the ‘Let’s Be Heard’ channel.

The portal will be open for responses until 20 December 2023.