Comments from EIS members on remote and blended learning

Created on: 11 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 15 Dec 2020

Following the EIS November survey, members wrote to the EIS highlighting their views on moving to blended and remote learning in the run up to, and immediately following the Christmas holiday period.

Some comments have been redacted to ensure they do not identify individual schools or members.

Key Issues 

  • Moving to blended or remote learning will help reduce infection spread in the new year

  • Members are concerned about being able to safely mix during the holidays, without having 5 days to isolate beforehand

  • There are concerns that with schools remaining open full time, right up until the 23 rd December, many school staff will have to work over the Christmas period to ensure the track and trace policies are enacted

  • A small adjustment in the final few days of term will make an immeasurable difference to staff and pupil wellbeing

Blended Learning Briefing

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