Briefing 4 - Members in special schools

Created on: 11 Dec 2020 | Last modified: 14 Dec 2020

Within the EIS November survey, thousands of comments from teachers were collected on issues such as behaviour in the classroom, their health, and wider safety concerns about working in schools.

This is the fourth in a series of briefings, that the EIS will issue to the Scottish Government outlining the experiences of EIS members. Some comments have been redacted to ensure they do not identify individual schools or members.

Key Issues

  • 468 comments were left by members who identified themselves as working in a Special School in their response to the survey (not all are included in this briefing)

  • Members highlighted the numerous challenges they have experienced when trying to implement the safety guidance – repeated comments suggesting it is not possible to socially distance or routinely wear face masks

  • The strain of working in Special Schools whilst infections have been rising since August is clearly taking its toll on members physical and mental health

  • Some members have suggested that the test and protect system is not being followed by their school

  • Special measures must be in place in Special Schools to protect both staff and pupils


Pupil Behaviour Briefing

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