Breathing Exercises to Improve Wellbeing

Created on: 02 Nov 2021 | Last modified: 19 Apr 2023

EIS member and teacher Kathryn Thomas has been studying yoga for over 20 years and is fascinated by how breathing can influence the way we feel and behave.  She is currently training to be a breathwork facilitator in order to help others in their discovery of changing the breath, and thereby bringing positive changes to health and wellbeing.  

Kathryn explains that the breath is often overlooked, and yet it plays a fundamental part in everything we do.  In the following recorded workshop, Kathryn presents a few breathing techniques which will help to relax, improve mental focus, energise, improve overall health, and aid better sleep.

Here are the slides to accompany the recording, which will open as a PDF.

Here are step by step guides to practicing the breathing exercises discussed in the recording, which will open in PDF format:

Kathryn offers some additional resources around breathing, for your interest:

  • Read More: The Buteyko Method Information about the Buteyko method and an introduction to some breathing exercises.