Gardening and Well-being Resources

Created on: 17 Mar 2021 | Last modified: 19 Apr 2023

The R.H.S. website (Royal Horticultural Society) has a wealth of useful hints and tips, including ‘My Garden’ that you can sign up to for free, and access for information on your garden.

Life at No.27, this website has resources, hints and tips, and blogs from budding gardeners.

National Children’s Gardening Week . The official website hosts easy ideas to get young and new gardeners outside.

Gardening programmes are available free on YouTube:

The Open University’s OpenLearn site hosts a range of learning materials and courses on gardening, from building bird boxes, to guerrilla gardening.

Search Facebook for local groups to join and be inspired by, for example: Scotland allotments, orchards & gardens, My Family Garden # Team Spanner.

The Concrete Garden in North Glasgow is an example of a community project that addresses issues such as isolation, food, and fuel poverty through growing, cooking, and community groups. A lot of community projects now have websites that make finding them even easier.  If the project itself doesn’t have a site, local sponsoring organisations, such as a housing association, may have information.