Lifelong Learning and Well-being - Resources

Created on: 21 Sep 2021 | Last modified: 19 Apr 2023

The Five Ways to Well-being suggests learning is one of the five a day, like an apple a day is for our physical health. The original 2008 report was updated in 2020 to consider well-being during COVID-19. An easily accessible postcard version of the report has been produced.

Learning helps build self-confidence

Learning something new, or rediscovering a skill helps us have a feeling of achievement, which in turn helps build self-confidence and a positive sense of well-being. The following resources reinforce this message:

Learning helps tackle isolation

What Works Well-being highlights the links between the social aspects of learning and our overall well-being, regardless of whether learning is face to face or online. What Works Well-being further explores loneliness alongside some practical ways to tackle it.

Where to find learning?